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Pumping is Breastfeeding. Period.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024
11am - 1:30pm
This year’s Spring Meeting will be held virtually via zoom.

Nichelle Clark, IBCLC will be presenting Pumping is Breastfeeding. Period.

Additional presentation information, registration and zoom links to follow!

Elections for President and Treasurer will take place during this meeting. The ballot will open at 11am using google forms. A link will be provided at the meeting and the results will be announced after the speaker presentation. Keep an eye out for upcoming candidate bios and information! If you are interested in getting more involved with PRO-LC, reach out to the board. There are also appointed board positions!


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February 12th, 2024 6- 8pm

Meeting Location: Zoom


This year’s winter meeting will include 4 case study presentations and provide 2 L-CERPs. Please see below for presentation descriptions and registration. PRO-LC recommends registering for the meeting to streamline attendance tracking and distribute CERP certificates.


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Lisa Mandel MBA, IBCLC

The mastitis you’ve never heard of

Granulomatous mastitis is a rare, chronic, benign breast condition that primarily impacts women of childbearing age (usually 2-6 years after pregnancy). It is poorly understood, difficult to diagnose, and with no agreed-upon treatment protocols. It can cause repeated abscesses and pain in sufferers. I will explain what is known about the disease, diagnosis, and treatment options, and include reports from women in a GM support group who have struggled with the diagnosis and its symptoms through pregnancy or postpartum.

Karen Zamperini Doula, Lactation Counselor

Skin-to-Skin for the Win

Increasing milk volume through skin-to-skin, nervous system regulation and herbs instead of pumping in a 43.year old second time mother with a history of low supply and poor response to pumping.

Dana Leigh Ehman BA, IBCLC, RLC

Low supply to over supply with Reglan

We will discuss a client's recent experience with low supply at one month postpartum and how she was able to use Reglan and pumping to induce a full supply. We will also discuss the client's experience through the process and the importance of making care plans sustainable and manageable.

Louisa Brandenburger IBCLC

See what sticks!

I have worked with this family with 2 babies.  History of breast reduction, supply drop at 4 months of age, supplementing for the first baby.  Second baby - new infertility concerns - breastfeeding exclusively- mom began taking thyroid meds, metformin, is out of this world!  Exclusive breastfeeding with the second. It's just a great example of determination and "throwing everything at it," and it works!

Look for a Zoom link on our Facebook page and via email.

October 16th, 2023 - 11am - 2pmMeeting Location: 4601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19319Inducing Lactation Through the LGBTQIA+ Lens will focus on supporting individuals and dyads identifying as Queer/Trans interested in and embarking on inducing lactation. We will cover topics such as the technical protocol and variations thereof, managing expectations, ethical concerns, scope of practice, collaboration, and a short case study. We will also hear directly from a family who induced lactation about their experience prenatally and postpartum.Presented by Stephanie Brown IBCLC (they/them)

11a-2p - full meeting time11a-12p - PRO-LC business meeting12p-2p - Presentation1.5 hours presentation with 30 minutes of Q & A2 L CERP’s CERP included with membershipnon-members $20

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