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PRO-LC Professional Membership

Membership dues are paid annually. There are two levels of membership fees:

  • New and renewing general membership: $50
  • Student membership: $20

If you’re unable to pay the membership fee, you can still become a member. Email us at [email protected].

Membership is open to anyone interested in the support, protection, and promotion of breastfeeding.

We welcome a diverse group of professionals and community members from many backgrounds, including but not limited to: IBCLCs, medical professionals, doulas, social workers, birth educators, breastfeeding peer counselors, certified lactation counselors, hospital employees, employers of breastfeeding families, and neighbors, friends, and family.

We value your perspective, and we hope you’ll join us!

PRO-LC members receive exclusive benefits, including:

  • Two Free CERPS at Our 3 Member Meetings a Year
  • Invitation to Participate in Our Biannual Journal Club Meetings
  • Free Listing on Our “Find a Lactation Provider” Directory for those with Private Practices or Clinics.
  • Invitation to Our Private Facebook Group featuring Rich Discussion Among Members and Networking Opportunities.

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